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Chaise Lounge Buyer's Guide For 2022

 Chaise Lounge Buyer's Guide  


At eChaise.com, we take great pride in putting our customers first and creating the best chaise lounge buying experience possible.  As chaise lounge experts, the eChaise.com team has taken our years of chaise lounge knowledge to help aid you with your purchasing decision.  Our knowledgeable team has compiled this chaise lounge buyer’s guide specifically for the online consumer who is in the market for a chaise lounge.   

If you have made it this far, you are at the beginning stages of making a purchase for your home, office, patio, or pool area.  Our team of chaise lounge experts have compiled a comprehensive list of common questions that the consumer should be mindful of when purchasing chaise lounge furniture online.  As always, if you do not see the answer in our buyer’s guide, or you have a specific question, please contact an eChaise.com team member via live-chat or by phone at (800) 950-9615. 

How will the chaise lounge be used?

The first question consumers looking to purchase a chaise lounge should ask themselves is “How will the chaise lounge be used?”   Typically, a chaise lounge will be used indoors or outdoors. Therefore, we have divided our chaise lounges into two primary categories: a) Indoor Chaise Lounges, and b) Outdoor Chaise Lounges. 

Indoor Chaise Lounges: Indoor chaise lounges are designed and constructed for use inside the home, office, or other indoor area.  Indoor chaise lounges are generally made with materials and fabrics that can greatly enhance the décor of a bedroom, living room, family room, or office while also providing a very comfortable place to relax.

Outdoor Chaise Lounges: Outdoor chaise lounges are designed and constructed for outdoor use, such as a patio, deck, or pool area. Outdoor chaise lounges are generally more durable than indoor chaise lounges and are constructed using materials that are weather-resistant. Once you have decided on an indoor indoor chaise lounge, an outdoor chaise lounge, or both, now you can move to the next phase of the chaise lounge buying process and select a particular style of chaise lounge that best fits the décor of your home, office, patio, deck, or pool area. 

  • Which style of chaise lounge do I want to fit the décor of my home, office, patio, deck, or pool area?

  • Now that you have reached this point, it’s time to decide on the style of chaise lounge you would like. There are many different chaise lounge styles to choose from, which are categorized on the eChaise.com website as the following: 

    Contemporary Chaise Lounges

    Contemporary Chaise Lounges are chaises that combine styles from a variety of different eras to make what is currently trendy today, and therefore, the contemporary look is ever-evolving. Contemporary chaise lounges add a great touch to the decor of a new room and are very versatile in that they can accentuate virtually any decor due to the contemporary look combining styles and attributes from different eras.    

    Modern Chaise Lounges

    Modern Chaise Lounges are chaises that have a very clean and sharp lines, and generally have a very sleek and angular look that is quite reminiscent of styles of 1920 to 1950 era. Modern Chaise Lounges do a great job of enhancing the decor of modern-style bedroom, living room, office, or pool era, but also does a great job of adding a touch of uniqueness to a room with a traditional-style decor.

    Traditional Chaise Lounges

    Traditional chaise lounges are chaise lounges that have a classic, elegant look with symmetrical lines and rich colors. Traditional Chaise Lounges do a great job of adding a more refined look to an already warm and beautiful room, or Traditional Chaise Lounges can do a wonderful job of transforming an average looking room into a magnificent space. These chaise lounges are ideal for the bedroom or living room, but also look great in an office or patio setting.

    Coastal Chaise Lounges

    Coastal Chaise Lounges are chaise lounges that are designed for the outdoors, specifically for a patio, deck, or pool area. Coastal chaise lounges are ideal for relaxing in the sun while taking in your surroundings and often have a sleek, modern look, although coastal chaise lounges come in a variety of styles, designs, and colors.

    Children’s Chaise Lounges

    Children’s chaise lounges are chaise lounges designed and constructed specifically for children under 12 years of age. Children’s chaise lounges tend to be much smaller in size in comparison to a full-size chaise lounge chair that an adult would use, and often come a variety of colors, designs, and patterns that children love.

  • What price range is within my budget?

  • Another very important question to consider is “What is my budget?” When searching eChaise.com, we have several different options to help you browse chaise lounges by price.  On the left hand side of our site, we have a feature that allows you to sort chaises by price.  We have broken down the chaise lounges we carry by price and categorized them as follows: < $ 500, $500-$1000, $1000- $2000, 2000+.  As you can see, eChaise.com has various types of chaise lounges to meet your needs.


    How to make a purchase online?

    Here at eChaise.com, we recognize that purchasing chaise lounge furniture and chaise lounge accessories online is a unique experience and we want to make it as easy as possible while keeping you informed throughout the entire purchase process. To help guide you through what will be a very pleasant chaise lounge buying experience, simply find us on the web at eChaise.com and utilize our user-friendly website to find the chaise lounges of your liking. Once you’ve done that, select the number of chaise lounges you would like and simply use the “Add to Cart” button to move forward with the purchasing experience.    

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    We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover among others.

  • Are there any chaise lounges that eChaise.com recommends?

  • Absolutely! Since we have an extremely knowledgeable team here at eChaise.com, we are happy to pass on the knowledge we have acquired to help our customers find exactly what they are looking for.  As far as any chaise lounge recommendations eChaise.com may be able to provide, it really depends on the type and style of chaise lounge you are looking for. However, here are some recommendations of ours based upon chaise lounge type:  

    Indoor Chaise Lounge: Brassex Beige Relaxing Chaise Lounge Chair with Storage

    Outdoor Chaise Lounge: Infinita Regatta Stacking Sun Lounger

    Contemporary Chaise Lounge: Source Outdoor Manhattan Armless Chaise in Espresso

    Modern Chaise Lounge: Bardot Chaise Lounge - Black

    Traditional Chaise Lounge: 8933 Chaise Lounge with Storage


  • I’ve found the chaise lounge I want, but how can I determine if the chaise lounge fits my home, patio, or office space?

  • Great question! Prior to purchasing a chaise lounge, it’s best to evaluate the location you would like to have your chaise and then measure the height, width, and length of what can possibly fit comfortably in that location. Our team here at eChaise.com recommends that you utilize a measuring stick or measuring tape to accurately measure the dimensions you have designated for your chaise lounge.

  • Does my new chaise lounge come with a warranty?

  • Generally, all chaise lounges available on eChaise.com come with a standard manufacturers warranty which essentially serves as an insurance policy that covers any defects your chaise lounge may have for a certain period of time. While virtually all chaise lounges come with a general warranty, the warranty length often varies based upon manufacturer or by chaise lounge type, and what components of chaise lounges the warranty specifically covers. While browsing our chaise lounges collections, please refer to the individual chaise lounge product page to locate warranty information for that particular chaise lounge chair. 

  • Although my chaise lounge comes with a standard warranty, will I be able to obtain an extended warranty?

  • An extended warranty is essentially an extension of the standard warranty that automatically comes with your chaise lounge.  As mentioned previously, while all chaise lounges come with a standard warranty, obtaining an extended warranty is possible. Please contact our customer service team via live-chat or by phone if you are interested in obtaining an extended warranty for your new chaise lounge.  

  • How long will it take my chaise lounge to be delivered?

  • On all of our chaise lounge product pages, we offer an estimated time of arrival.  While we do our very best to ensure the accuracy of this estimate, sometimes issues beyond our control occur.  However, upon placing your order, eChaise.com will send you order tracking information via email, which will allow you to track your order as the delivery process unfolds.  

  • How will my chaise lounge be delivered?

  • Generally, your chaise lounge will be delivered in 1 of 5 ways:

    Curbside delivery: Curbside delivery is when your chaise lounge is delivered via truck by the curb of the delivery address or near the entrance of the delivery address. Once the delivery person has the chaise lounge on the freight truck near the curb of your home, office, or other desired location, either the purchaser of the chaise lounge or someone authorized by the purchaser must retrieve the chaise lounge from the freight truck. Since this is curbside delivery, the purchaser, or an authorized individual, must take the chaise lounge to the desired location, whether that’s inside of a home, office, or other location.

    Curbside delivery with Lift Gate: Curbside delivery with Lift Gate is virtually identical to the curbside delivery described above, but involves the help of a machine that gently helps lift the chaise lounge from the back of the freight truck so that the purchaser of the chaise lounge or authorized individual can retrieve the chaise lounge and take it to the desired location.   Essentially, the lift gate eliminates the need for the purchaser or authorized individual to remove the purchased item from the inside area of the freight truck. However, please note that, sometimes, the freight truck delivery person may help the purchaser or authorized individual remove the purchased item from inside the truck at no extra charge.

    Garage or Front Door Delivery: This type of delivery consists of the freight truck delivery person carefully unloading your purchased item from the freight truck and bringing it to your garage or front door of your home, office, or other preferred location.

    Inside Delivery:  Inside Delivery is similar to garage or front door delivery except the freight truck delivery person will unload the purchased item and bring inside your home, office, or other preferred location and into the room of your choosing. 

    White Glove Delivery: Unlike the other delivery options, white glove delivery generally involves the delivery person bringing the chaise lounge to the desired location, assembling the chaise lounge and getting the chaise lounge furniture ready for immediate use, and removing any debris associated with the delivery.
  • Now that my chaise lounge has arrived, will the chaise lounge require assembly?

  • Generally, chaise lounges vary when it comes to their assembly with some chaise lounges coming fully assembled while others require assembly.. On all of our chaise lounge product pages, we inform eChaise.com shoppers as to whether or not assembly for a particular chaise lounge is required and provide any estimated assembly time.  Each chaise lounge comes with a user manual that will further explain the assembly requirements.  However, there are a few commonalities when it comes to assembling your chaise lounge:

    1. Once you’ve selected the desired location for your chaise lounge, remove the contents of the chaise lounge packaging and gently place them on a flat surface.
    2. Next, go through the user manual and make sure that each component of the chaise lounge is laid out on the flat surface and that no items are missing.
    3. Once you’ve determined that all the components of your chaise lounge are present, read through the owner's manual and follow the instructions.

    In some cases, you may want to have your chaise lounge assembled by a professional. If that is something you would prefer, please contact us an eChaise.com team member via live-chat or by phone, and we will gladly help arrange that for you. 

  • What should I do to keep my chaise lounge clean and in excellent condition?

  • While we would love to give advice on this particular questions, when it comes to maintaining your chaise lounge, it ultimately depends on the materials or fabrics your chaise lounge is made of. Chaise lounge materials and fabrics vary in terms of their delicacy and some require greater care than others. Since chaise lounge maintenance varies from one chaise lounge chair to another, it is best to take the manufacturers advice for your specific chaise lounge and do exactly as recommended.