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News — Indoor chaise lounge


Indoor Chaise Lounges: Best Indoor Chaise Lounges for Winter 2018

Now that fall has come to an end and winter is among us, more individuals will be relaxing indoors rather than outdoors. With this being the case, our team at eChaise thought it would be fitting to help customers out by offering a great list of high quality indoor chaise lounges that we believe many people will love. Whether you're searching for an indoor chaise lounge for your home, office, or other indoor location, the team at eChaise is here to help and ensure a satisfying chaise lounge buying experience. 

Chaise Sofas: What is a Chaise Sofa?

If you're looking for a chaise lounge that can also be utilized as a sofa, a chaise sofa may be the right piece for you. Chaise sofas, also sometimes called a sofa chaise, are generally a three or four seater sofa that consists of an elongated chaise lounge end unit that can support one's entire body. Chaise sofas are ideal for those who want the multiple seating capacity that a traditional sofa brings while also wanting a portion of the sofa to provide allow for sleeping or simply relaxing.  At eChaise.com, we received a number of a inquiries from customers asking about chaise sofas so we thought we'd take the time to help you decide if a chaise sofa is right for you. 

Contemporary Chaise Lounges: The Top Contemporary Chaise Lounges for Summer 2017

Contemporary chaise lounges are chaise lounges that align with the popular style and designs of the present time and have a great way of enhancing your decor.  Summer 2017 is here and many people are looking to add a new, fresh look to their home, office, patio, or deck space. Since many individuals are looking for the right contemporary chaise lounge, the team here at eChaise would like to highlight some contemporary chaise lounges that we think you'll truly enjoy.

Indoor Chaise Lounges: Best Indoor Chaise Lounges for Summer 2017

Now that it's summer, there's no better time to lounge by the pool, deck, or patio and take it the sun, inhale the fresh air, and take in the beautiful scenery. However, while the majority of consumers are currently looking for an outdoor chaise lounge, our team at eChaise realizes that there are many others who prefer to stay indoors and enjoy their air conditioned homes and offices. Since our team wants provide consumers with as much guidance as possible while they look for the right indoor chaise lounge, the eChaise team thought it would be helpful to put together a solid list of indoor chaises that we believe you will love and enjoy for many years to come.